Produced by Cameron MacGregor, Harry Jerome, Malcolm MacGregor, Fred Hart
Sound effects Chris Martin.


Cirencester: 1943: The Military Hares live in a purpose built HQ Burrow located beneath the Abbey Grounds. Under the command of military legend General Harry Bingham HC, they live, alongside the human town above, under growing threat of invasion from the enemy.

Seventy two years later, a very strange series of events begin unfolding in sleepy old Cirencester which then prompts a rather eccentric aged 97 year old WW2-bound Bingham into instigating a major surveillance exercise covering the entire town. He subsequently unravels what he believes is a sinister plot by the enemy to infiltrate the town with a small army of seemingly harmless hare statues.

Will the Military Hares be able to save the innocent townsfolk of Cirencester from this evil and silent perpetrator before it is too late? Against all odds they put their very existence in the town under threat as they selflessly throw themselves into the fray.

Adapted to a radio play for Corinium Radio by RADA actor Moses Hardwick.


Narrator: Charles Stevens
General Bingham: Roy Archer
Sergeant Coxwell: Kevin Moore
Bunny the Lion: Bill Irving
Lieutenant Harriet Hare: Jenny Jay
Housemartin: Alex Turner
Cook Hetty: Jenny Darren
Private Hannah Hare: Liz Young
Private Hubert Hare: Fred Hart
Mum: Sue
Dad: Malcolm MacGregor
Daughter: Alice Stevens
Crew: Cameron MacGregor and Fred Hart
Themselves: Florence Beetlestone, Geoff Carr, Tony Coleman


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