Great Destinations: Bern

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Keri Jones visits the capital of Switzerland, Bern. The city is named after bears and, as Keri discovers, you’ll see plenty of them. You can also view live bears for free! Bern’s mostpopular free attraction is the incredible clock tower that offers spectators a mechanical show involving a lion, rooster and jester. Keri climbs the tower, as visitors can on a tour. If you’re a keen swimmer, you might enjoy Bern’s favourite and free summer activity.

Great Destinations: Molokai, Hawaii

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A mix of features, on-location reports, reviews and expert interviews to inspire curious and interested travellers. This week, Keri Jones visits Molokai, Hawaii. Islanders welcome visitors but they’re proud that their home is off the mass tourism trail. Keri goes to look at the world’s highest seacliffs and he tours an out-of-bounds area of this island paradise with a guide, who explains its sad history.

Great Destinations: Baden Baden

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Keri Jones visits Baden Baden in Germany’s Black Forest area. The Romans settled here after discovering the town’s thermal waters. In the 19th century, aristocrats from all over Europe travelled to this well-heeled town’s baths and Baden Baden became Europe’s … Continued

Great Destinations: New Orleans

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Keri Jones visits New Orleans, Louisiana. It’s a distinct and different destination filled with grand historic southern-style mansions, leafy boulevards and it also has some narrow streets which are still lit by gaslight. This flickering lighting and the tradition of … Continued

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