Corinium Classics: Yes, there’s much more to classical… (June 2019)

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Presented by Andrew Hodges, our Cirencester-based composer, violinist and coach, this latest programme asks the question: “Why do classical music audiences like their composers dead?”

Classical concert audiences almost invariable prefer to hear composers of the past. Pop concert audiences like to hear their favourite songs by their favourite artists. They are commonly played by the band that composed them, and if played by a cover band, the original music creators are usually still very much alive.

Yes, a little nostalgia goes a long way but how did it come to be that the music in classical concerts is often 200, 300 or even 400 or more years old? Conversely, put a ‘modern’ piece into a classical concert programme and they will often frown and maybe not even turn up!

Did you know that classical audiences of the 18th century would expect to hear to the latest thing from composers such as Bach, Haydn, and Mozart when they were very much alive? Two hundred and fifty years later, what’s changed? Nothing. Classical audiences still want to hear Bach, Haydn, and Mozart.

In this programme Andrew Hodges talks about how it came to be that classical concert programmes are now often more than 90% music of the past. Oh, and he names the 19th century composer behind it all!

AND… Here’s a HEADS UP for a live concert of Andrew’s compositions & arrangements on July 7th in Nailsworth.  Be prepared to be wowed by Andrew’s string orchestra Stratton Sinfonietta, playing The Beatles, Morrecone and Vivaldi plus 2 pieces for solo violin and string orchestra by Andrew himself, with the unique addition of MUSIC VIDEO especially created for this concert!

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Today’s “Corinium Classics”, presented by Andrew Hodges, is a musical mix of the past and the present with a distinctly classical flavour.  Andrew’s aim is to make classical music much more accessible to everyone. There’s more about it here on Youtube: