Great Destinations Radio Show: Grand Rapids

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Keri Jones reports from Grand Rapids. The New York Times named this Midwestern city as one of their 52 places to visit in the states. It’s famous for its annual public art event-the world’s biggest, its gardens, breweries and fish!

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The Kingdom of Tonga – a country made up of 170 islands lying in the middle of the Pacific Ocean – isn’t high on most people’s list of places to visit. Travel writers Kia Abdullah and Peter Watson told Keri Jones that this could be one of the last unspoilt paradises on earth for diving and historic sites. Kia and Peter write the popular outdoor activities blog,

The rise of the low cost airlines has made Eastern Europe a popular destination for weekend breaks – but if you’ve admired Prague and marvelled at Budapest, where should you try next? Keri spoke to travel author Charlie Elliott, who reckons the Romanian capital of Bucharest, should be high on your list.

El Hierro
Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands are all very well known to British holidaymakers. But have you heard of El Hierro? It’s the smallest of the inhabited Canaries and offers a very different experience to its larger neighbours. Keri spoke to Alex Greenwood from KE Adventure Travel about why you should visit this remote island.

Cheaper Holidays
Travel writer Jen Lowthrop talks shares her tips on cheaper flights and she says hostels offer an affordable option to hotels.

This time on Hobby Holidays, how do you fancy a kitesurfing break?

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