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Keri Jones visits Nelson in New Zealand. It’s an attractive town set alongside beaches and beautiful mountains and it seems full of Brits, who have relocated!

Keri tours the incredible weekly market and discovers why this small South Island city is known for its arts, local food and cuisine. The city is also New Zealand’s craft beer capital! Keri also sees the world’s fastest Mini as he tours an extensive classic car exhibition and finds clothes that he wouldn’t be seen dead in at the unique wearable art museum.

Also on the programme this week…

Tanzania and the Serengeti: Taking a safari trip to Africa is high on many people’s travel wish list. This huge continent has an equally huge range of safari options available. Keri spoke to expert Alan Murphy from
the specialist website, who told me that one country, Tanzania, stands out from the crowd and, apparently, smiling locals.

Tasmania: Tasmania is often overlooked by people visiting Australia, who tend to opt for the bright lights and icon views of the cities or natural wonders such as the Great Barrier Reef. But this leafy, green island lying off Australia’s southern coast has a very different vibe to the rest of the country. Keri spoke to travel writer Megan Jerrard, author of the blog and who recently moved to Tasmania, about its unique charms.

Epic Drives: These days, holidays usually mean jumping on a plane then taking a taxi to your hotel. We often don’t even leave the town or city we arrived in. But there is an alternative. I spoke to author Oliver Berry, who has written Lonely Planet’s Epic Drives guide, about his fascination with road trips and where to find the best roads in the world.

San Juan Islands: Travel blogger Rebecca Hall talks about these islands opposite Seattle in the USA.

Paternoster: Paternoster is an arty seaside village in South Africa. South Africans seem to keep this seafood haven all to themselves!

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